11.-13.7. / Cecile Da Costa / TICKETS

22.-24.8. / Veronika Knytlová / TICKETS

29.-31.8. / Martina Hajdyla Lacová / TICKETS

Always from 7PM – 8:30 PM at Studio ALTA, hall 23.

Price: 170 czk / 1 lesson, 300 czk / 2 lessons, 400 czk / 3 lessons

Veronika Knytlová

It´s a game for those in desire. A game with time, space and our imagination in the very middle of all events. Action and reaction. Cooperation. Physical answers of your body to the questions that you´ve always wanted to ask yourself. This training will include a structured work in progress, which will have clearly defined rules. The centre will be improvisation and play. The process of searching and shifting the borderlines of physical possibilities of a body in space goes on thanks to imagination. It is a physical answer of a body; tasks and exercises that follow the target: fostering the trust into your own body.

Pursuing dance since her childhood, Veronika studied in TCP and participated in various seminars and workshops in the Czech Republic and abroad. She graduated from the Faculty of Pedagogics of Charles University and studied for two years at the Faculty of Architecture of the Czech Technical University in Prague. As a performer, she collaborated with prominent Czech and foreign choreographers and directors such as Jan Kodet, Petr Tyc, Peter Mika, Olga Cobos, and many others. In 2002 she collaborated with Tereza Ondrová on their choreographic piece entitled Through the Bottle Neck, and on the formation of the successful Czech Republic ensemble VerTeDance two years later. VerTeDance regularly invites leading figures in the art world to collaborate on their projects and has won numerous awards.

Cecile da Costa

The training will be based on a transformation from physical exercises into creative improvisation and composition of small physical structures. We will look at the relation between the inner story and the outer action, between the movements, the rhythm and the meaning. Through simplicity can be achieved endless variations of connections with the space, the partners, the body, which correspond to your character and anatomical traits.

Cécile is  working as a choreographer and actress/singer with Spitfire Company based in Prague. She is running workshops of physical theater in Prague, France, Poland and Greece. In her work, she is searching for voices which can move the body and bodies which can move the voice. Her latest work is a solo called Narrator, a piece inspired by the book from Atiq Rahimi, The Patience Stone. A crossover performance where body and voice oscillate between fight and fragility.

Martina Hajdyla Lacová

We will play, develop ourselves and shift the possibilities of our bodies in dance. We will focus on questions such as how to use your body most effectively, how to release tension when it´s not needed, how to develop technical possibilities and not lose your personal style, how to use the gravitation for moving in space and not lose control over your body.

Martina graduated from J.L. Bell Conservatory in Banská Bystrica as well as from Academy of Performing Arts in Prague, Dance Pedagogy Department. In 2008, she participated in a half-year study programme in Hoger Instituut voor Dans in Antwerp, where she worked with an outstanding Belgian choreographer, Ann van den Broek. From 2006 she has been working with Marta Poláková (SK) and Mirka Eliášová (CZ). She is a founding member of ME-SA (2008), with which she participated in Ediburgh Fringe Festival among other. Since 2009 she has been cooperating with Debris Company (SK), Karen Foss (NR), DA MOTUS!, VerTeDance (CZ) and more. She also works as a guest teacher in dance schools and studios over the Czech Republic and Slovakia. In 2015, she was awarded the Best Dancer Prize for her performance in SuperNaturals.