30.7. – 1.8. / 19:00 – 20:30

The Body Of Many Voices

The aim of this workshop is to work with body and voice organically based on real sensations. Voice as starting point of movement and movement and touch as starting point of voice. It aims to warm up participant’s flesh&bones, voice and bodily consciousness. It is a research on how to use the physical and voice body effortlessly, how to intensify an awareness of one’s own body and voice in relation to others and space. To listen in this workshop means to relate and react to the impulses, space and your current conditions. In this practice I am working with techniques such as voice massage, humming into the bones, radical manipulation of body (and its parts) followed by focused improvisation based on imagination and recreation of the given impulses. I am currently interested in re-enactment of the impossible as a starting point of physical and vocal improvisation. How can the participant solve the problem of the absence of their partner or group and recreate position and voice that they found themselves in naturally when working with their partners. We will play with contrasting qualities and apply different mental and physical conditions, frames and rules as possible ways of exploring and creating instant compositions of movement and vocal material. We will work with focus and time in order to deepen and expand the work. The body is looked upon as ultimate instrument in the orchestra (group).

This workshop is for performer, dancers, actors, movers or people who dare to work intensively with their body&voice.

Prices: 170 czk / 1 lesson, 300 czk / 2 lessons, 400 czk / 3 lessons

The capacity of the training is 20, payment is possible only cash before the training, reservations are recommended.

Contact (inquiries, reservations): Lucie Fabišiková (, 604 505 969)