The workshop is co-organized by the Institute of Light Design in Prague and will bring together the worlds of dance and theatre technology.

15. 4.: 17.00-21.00
16. and 17. 4: 10.00 – 18.00

Lighting design is the most powerful visual component in physical theatre. It determines what the dancer and choreographer look like, it arises emotions, it defines the space of the performance, and it creates the rhythm of the performance.

This workshop will bring together light and action on the stage through an improvisation in the relationship between light and motion. It will focus on the relationship between the lighting designer and the performer – their connection and interaction. It will research the dynamics of motions according to the lighting changes and vice versa. This workshop is designed for both dancers and lighting designers.

During the workshop, we will attempt to answer several questions – can light become a dancer´s partner on the stage? Does the performer have to perceive light? Does light co-create the space?

Michael Simon is a German lighting designer, set designer, and director. His works, thanks to his cooperation with Jiří Kylián and William Forsyth, were shown throughout Europe, Australia, Canada, USA, Japan, and China. He also creates set and lighting design for opera, works as a director, and teaches.

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