Two women, many bodies, inside, outside. This workshop is led by two women and it is divided into two parts. In the first one, we will focus on the overall warm up exercises and technical skills, so that we can continue with tuning up our body and senses towards different types of perception and communication between our bodies and consciousness, individuality and group. We will examine dance as a form of listening to our inside and to our real needs, and as a way towards tolerating other individualities in space. We will see body as a form that needs to be shaped and as a live instrument full of motivations, associations, intuition and truth.

The workshop is designated for all dancers and performers, who want to get in touch with themselves and others.

Martina Hajdyla Lacová believes in the power of dance in today´s world. She likes to play, learn and communicate through her dancing. Thanks to various dance and theatre experiences and to fascination by other artistic expressions and by intuition, she considers herself an eclectic artist.

Lucia Kašiarová considers dance as a way of learning about the world, as an ability that brings you back to your forgotten capacities, both physical and non-physical. She would like to have the perfect technique just like Martina, but so far she settled for randomness, intuition and surprise.