22.9. / 10:00 – 15:00

23.9. / 15:00 – 20:00

24.+25.9. / 10:00 – 18:00

The aim of the workshops is working with the notion of Polishness and the image of Poland abroad, based on associations and a deconstruction of stereotypes. The assignments, covering dance and acting, will be suggested by a choreographer and director Maćko Pusak, whose work crosses the borders of several arts: drama, modern dance and performance art. We wish to look at the topic of Polishness form different points of view: the Polish people, living both in the country and abroad, as well as foreigners.

 We would like to invite professional dancers and actors. The attendance is free. The number of attendees is limited. Please send your application along with a rationale (in English) no later than 12th September

 We will give the enrolment results by 15th September. The work-in-progress show of the workshop will take place on 25th September.

 Maćko Pusak is an actor, mime and a choreographer. He debuted as an actor in Henryk Tomaszewski Wroclaw Pantomime Theatre. He has been working on creating choreography and theatre movement in drama theatre for 10 years. He works with Jan Klata as a choreographer. He has been awarded the Grand Prix Nurt Off on the 31st Stage Song Review in Wroclaw for his first play KLAUS DER GROSSE in 2010. Prizewinner of the Gazeta Wyborcza Wroclaw WARTO Cultural Award (2010). Director of A Moonless Night, based on the book by Etgar Keret And Shira Geffen (Wrocław Puppet Theatre, 2015), as well as Euripides’ The Bacchae, scheduled to premiere on 10th June 2016 in Henryk Tomaszewski Wrocław Mime Theatre.

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