Paying attention to the base of our body, we will focus our attention on how we use our feet to inform the way we dance and the way we can yield to the floor to support ourselves through the flow of movement. Drawing power from our feet and legs, we will enable the rest of the body to express itself freely and experience continuous movement. The energy in our body never stops, even where there is stillness. In this workshop, we will use both improvisation and technique to enrich end explore the proposed theme. We will also experience transformation, passing from one quality to another and going from reality to imagination. Using not only body but as well voice.

Lali Ayguade studied at Anne Teresa De Keermaeker’s PARTS. In her fourth year she made a solo “Silence” coached by Win Vanderkeybus and later transformed into a duet that toured throughout Europe. In 2003, she joined the Akram Khan Company creating and performing in the productions: Kaash, Ma, Bahok, Vertical Road and Confluence. She has worked with Roberto Olivan ‘s Enclave Dance Companyon Homeland and Hofesh Shecther on In Your Rooms, Cult and the Art of not looking back. She also worked with Marcos Morau of La Veronal. As a choreographer she made Incognito, Saba, Kokoro, Iu an M and Here (this one codirected with Guilhem Chatir). Most recently, Eulalia appeared as a co-protagonist in the Best Live Action Short Oscar nominated short film Timecode directed by Juanjo Giménez.

The workshop will be in English. Suitable for professional dancers.