During my workshops, I focus on floorwork and place a specific emphasis on working with our center of gravity and feet as a basis of motion. When all the power is focused in one’s feet and legs, the rest of the body can be free for its own expression. I consider it very important to realize that the energy in the body never stops, even though you may stand still – the motion always continues in some capacity. We will try to understand this concept through different improvisation exercises. We will also work with composition and the repertoire of the Akram Khan Dance Company.

Lali graduated from Institut del Teatre in Barcelona and P.A.R.T.S. in Brusells. In 2003-2012, she was a member of the Akram Khan Company, where she co-created the projects Kaash, Ma, Bahok, Vertical Road and Confluence. In 2010, she was nominated for the British Theatre Critics Prize for an exceptional dance performance. Today, she works on her own projects.

PRICE: 2,000 czk until Dec 31st, 2,500 czk after Jan 1st

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