This workshop will be divided into 2 parts, the first one will cover the principals of Physicology, which looks at dance technique from fundamental principles of shifting a body through space all the way into complex dance material. It seeks a better understanding the fundamental physical principles of how the body connects to the floor and how the body can unify or isolate, using imagery and imagination to expand the dancers understanding of their technique. These fundamentals are then expanded into richly detailed and physical dance phrases.

The second part will focus on Trajectories. This is an improvisation and movement analysis system that is derived from a combination of David Zambrano’s Passing Through and William Forsythe’s Improvisation technologies. Over a week it brings a group to a new understanding of the way movement can be seen and created from a geometric perspective. It starts with looking at complex systems of movement as a single body and the complexities of moving as a group and gradually brings those two together.

From 2008 to 2014; Jos worked for Peeping Tom as a dancer, actor and collaborator. He has created several of his own works and teaches internationally, offering a range of classes and workshops for professional dancers at institutions including SEAD, Ballet Junior de Geneve, PARTS Summer School, Trinity Laban, The Place, Amsterdam Theatre school, Deltebre Dansa, El Danseu Festival, Tripspace Projects, Ravnedans, Jetsummer and many others.

Jos started his dance training at the age of 7 with Oxford Youth Dance and then continued his formal education first at The Laban Center London and then at PARTS in Brussels.