How do you know whether you are moving or still?

In this workshop we will explore stillness and development of movement towards full kinaesthetic experience of dancing. We will work in the forms of solo, duet and group. Our work will be the first of all experiential supported by improvisational way of creating.

We will use practices as themes for finding movement vocabulary, such as:

Four Postures of Body-Mindfulness: Lying, Sitting, Standing and Walking

Small Dance: exploration of the history of one’s entire movement life

Familiar and Opposite – Voice Dancing: exploration of one’s body language

Composition as Explanation: exploration of dance phenomenon – how dance expresses emotions, relations and tells stories in very fresh and unconventional way, cutting through stereotypes, reasoning and linear logic.

At the end of the workshop, we will take time for simple form of Dialogue developed by physicist David Bohm. In its centre stands Silence as the common ground for communication, understanding, finding clear articulation of what has been experienced, and for useful and constructive feedback.

This workshop is for participants who are seriously interested in deeper exploration of dance practices. Some practices might be extreme as they are defined by their duration. For example, standing still for one hour.

Previous dance experience is not necessary.

English friendly.

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