We warmly invite you to the movement playground we are opening in the Studio Alta during the weekend of 24th and 25th of June. Under the guidance of principles from the Fighting Monkey research I will guide you through two days full of movement, experimenting, discovering, communication, work and fun. The program will be built on material selected from some of the main pillars of the research such as:

Rhythm and coordination – We will verify if we can make all the parts of our bodies work in a harmonious cooperation. How efficiently can we use our energy and overall capacity while moving? Do we have a functional map of our bodies?

Earthquake architecture – We will examine our ability to react accordingly to the impulses from the outer world. Can we react in an intelligent manner and adapt while being under stress? How can we support development of such abilities by setting up a smart training program?

Anatomy of injury – What are we doing to understand our body better? And to use such knowledge to injury prevention and rehabilitation? How much attention do we pay to this crucial topic? How can we support each other in that with our training partners? Can we take responsibility for ourselves?

Body to body practice – Where are the ways to find the underlying principles of the work with partner that can be used across different disciplines? How to open up new possibilities while using non-dogmatic approaches collected throughout throughout different domains of human interaction in order to always have an interesting idea for different aspects of physical development or expression in partnering work?

Athletic leg development – How to work on our lower limbs to make them serve us as good as possible, be it during an athletic performance or our daily movement on the Earth’s surface. To walk, dance, run, jump…a pair of strong, elastic, reliable legs is always the basis.

We will combine material for a solo work, we will create and solve movement situations in pairs or bigger groups and also work with some easily available tools. Together we will create an open space for learning and discovery. So that everybody can take home some inspiration for further steps of own development.

We will not look for universal solutions. There are none. However, if we ask the right questions surrounded by people honestly trying to help us, we can always find a way to do things better.

The workshop is open for anybody. All the material can be easily scaled according to your current abilities and limitations. We will practice both on Saturday and Sunday 10-13 and 14-17. The price is 1600 CZK. Please send an e-mail to for registration and more info.