MO 29.06 – SU 05.07.2020

Workshop is for closed group.

The plattform is initiated by Felix Baumann (DE) in collaboration with Studio Alta (CZ), which is hosting the project as part of the “Myslet tancem project” in Invalidovna, Prag (CZ). Additional co-researchers and collaborators of the project are: Lucia Kasiarova (SK/CZ), Marie Gourdain (FR/CZ), Sean Henderson (USA/CH), Nicole Nigro (CAN), Jakub Stourac (CZ), Florent Golfier (FR/CZ) and Lukáš Karásek (CZ) amongst others.

The laboratory is designed for people from various fields and backgrounds such as dance, visual, and physical theatre, circus and clownery. It is aimed as an interdisciplinary exchange platform, dedicated to the research and exploration of the art of the comic from a physical theatre and dance-oriented approach.

Within the lab we will be encountering the body as a playful and creative tool of expression, while discovering the state of the clown as a key to the embodiment of one’s own absurdities, fragility and craziness. Investigating how these principles and elements of physical theatre and the world of clownesque connect, contradict, enrich and reinvent each other, and possibly co-create a sense of the tragi-comic and the eccentric. Furthermore we will be trying to define and redefine, construct and deconstruct our way of doing and thinking, and the principles we are applying in our daily life and work routines. Looking for how our level of humor in life and art can influence our perspective on our surroundings and the things we are dealing with.

Photo: Michal Hančovský