The workshop will offer practical tools and exercises to reflect upon, to evaluate and eventually to transform and improve the participants’ creative process. Using the cross, circle and labyrinth as graphic symbols, we will discuss the essential polarities of the creative process: perception, formation, intuition, experience. Through practical and physical exercises we will explore how dramaturgy/the dramaturge can contribute to this process as witness, dialogue partner and ‘editor’. We will focus amongst others on the editing process and the importance of rhythm and transitions inside this process.

In the workshop we will focus on:

– perception (what to look for)
– articulation (how to express oneself best in order to get what one is looking for)
– interdisciplinary practices (looking at how artists work in other disciplines and finding creative ‘translations’ of this towards one’s own practice)

The final goal of the workshop is to gain a different, renewed perspective of one’s own creative and choreographic process and methodologies. The workshop includes individual coaching sessions.

Dr. Guy Cools is a dance dramaturge. Recent positions include Associate Professor at the research institute Arts in Society in Tilburg, and Guest Professor at Ghent University. He has worked as a dance critic and curator and as a production dramaturge, with amongst others Koen Augustijnen (BE), Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui (BE), Danièle Desnoyers (CA), Lia Haraki (CY), Akram Khan (UK), Arno Schuitemaker (NL), and Stephanie Thiersch (DE). His most recent publications include The Ethics of Art: ecological turns in the performing arts (co-edited with Pascal Gielen) (2014), and In-between Dance Cultures: on the migratory artistic identity of Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui and Akram Khan (2015). Cools lives in Vienna.

The workshop is designed for choreographers currently working on a project (Choreographers can apply individually or with one artistic collaborator, which can be a dancer, an artist from another discipline or a dramaturge.) The capacity is limited. Attendance fee: 500 CZK / person for the first cycle.

We kindly ask you to reserve your place in the workshop by December 4, 2016 at
The selection procedure shall be based on the applicant’s CV (max 1 page) and a motivation letter (max 1.5 pages), ideally both written in English.


Please, include answers of the following questions:

In what ways would your participation in the workshop contribute to your work?
What goals do you have in mind with regards to your participation in the workshop?
Should you wish to take part with another person from your team, could you please share the name and profession with us?

Organized by: Tanec Praha z.ú.
In partnership with: PONEC – dance venue, Studio ALTA
With support from: The Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic, The City of Prague and the District of Prague 3, Delegation of Flanders in the Czech Republic