14.10. – 18.10. 2019 / 10:00 – 16:00


“The body is the link that connects the human subject with the natural world. We are part of nature because we are embodied. As bodies we are material beings. As bodies we are relational, temporary, contextual, conditional beings who are subjected to forces beyond our control.” – Gudbjorg R. Johannesdottir & Sigridur Thorgeirsdottir, “Reclaiming nature by reclaiming the body”

During this workshop I want to share my choreographic practice and research about exploring different connections between our bodies and nature. We will look at links between our surrounding nature vs human nature, and the movement happening around us vs movement taking place within our body & imagination. Through collectively expanding our perception, we will explore our connection with the natural world through movement, and work with the body as a powerful source of references and signs.

In the mornings, we will use improvisation exercises to warm-up, to playfully research a diversity of movement qualities and to experiment with sensorial approaches to movement. One of my main choreographic tools is to work through the sense of listening. We will discuss and work on tools of how to listen with not only our ears, but through our skin and our whole being; allowing creativity to arrive from the inside out to discover both movements and ideas through our bodies.

In the afternoons, we use our experience and ideas of the morning to create compositional material. In working with movement, we will for example explore concepts of change vs transformation, repetition vs recurrence and how the approach to using time/suspension/build up/build down etc. can completely shift the way we experience, sense and read into movement. I also want to work with the concept of presence; in our gaze, but also and especially in different body parts that then in return become the focal point of how we can look at and sense a moving body. We will explore the potential of the details and nuances of our bodies. Parts that often have become invisible and almost forgotten in our everyday life, such as our toes, elbows, other smaller ligaments and our face.

My aim with sharing my artistic practice is to support and cultivate the movement capacity and creativity of each individual participant. I hope it can inspire towards a versatile approach of using movement in creative situations, whether working with set or improvised material.

The Lover (2015) by Bára Sigfúsdóttir – © Aëla Labbé