Studio ALTA´s rehearsal rooms are above all suitable for professional artists in the field of contemporary art (dance, theatre, multimedia), and are also available for all others interested to rent them. We offer rehearsal rooms in three halls, a coworking space and an informal café for different kinds of projects. The space can be adapted according to your requirements after a mutual agreement is made. For all halls we offer informal atmosphere, individual approach and prices to be discussed.


Follow our offer of discount rentals, we regularly update the schedule in our Facebook group!

  • 1 hour for 100 czk
  • For young artists and students only and solely in selected times
  • If interested, please write a few sentences about you and your project
  • contact: lucie@altart.cz 

    HALL 30

Rehearsal room/stage with a playing area of 10 x 9 m

Wooden floor covered with baletizol

Ideal for dance, theatre and music ensembles with the possibility to perform rehearsed performances here.

Equipped with lighting and sound equipment:

ALTA_technical_rider_03_2018 new



Rehearsal room with an area of 12 x 10 m

Wooden floor with baletizol (removable)

Day light

Possibility of rehearsing with complicated set design; there is space for storage or you can leave it in the space itself (long-term rentals).

Rehearsing time is not limited by other longterm rentals – there is the possibility to create a “substitute home” for ensembles in specified times.



Rehearsal room with an area of 8 x 10 m

Wooden floor covered with baletizol

Day light

Ideal for dance courses, activities for children, regular dance or other activities, physical research, seminars, workshops, etc.


Unconventional and informal space for projects of different kinds.

Networking, seminars, work meetings, film screenings, exhibitions, concerts and others.

Bar available daily 9AM – 10PM, during weekends 3PM – 10PM.



Working together is better! Join us on the top floor of ALTA where we collectively and individually torment our brains to come up with creative solutions to problems. Tables, chairs, printers and wireless internet are available. We can offer some good advice. The work pace we leave up to you.

PS: We have currently three tables to rent, please contact Lucia at kasiarova@altart.cz.

You can also work in the Living Room – we have Wi-Fi and plenty of extension cables. When is the best time to work in our café? Check our BAROMETER.