This duet about loneliness and sharing is looking for missing parts of human happiness with bitter humor and amusing pathos.

I share. I am a part of. I share with you. I share, therefore I am. You are my certainty in my restlessness. My restlessness in certainty. You are myself. The second part. A set made of two parts. We are a piece of work. A detailed drawing. Scratched figures. Just don´t move, so that it´s not blurry. An unceasing movement of particles. Vibrations. A matter and a non-matter. I came alone, I am alone, I will leave alone. I am a part of. A part for itself. No continuity. The zeroth series. I share. In myself. Therefore I am. I am an endless question of time. Calmness that doesn´t want to depend on calmness. I am a changing impression. All by myself everywhere you look.

It is possible to create an experience that changes your perspective on reality. A man who accepts and goes through this experience can leave the theatre and be changed. What the change is, is up to you. Loneliness & Stuff, is above all, an experience.

Concept, directed and performed by: Sára Arnstein, Jiří Šimek

Due to an injury, the performance on Dec 11th will be performed by Lukáš Homola.

Music: Ivo Sedláček / used recordings: Forest Swords, Perfume Genius, La Femme, WhoMadeWho

Lighting design: Štěpán Hejzlar, David Prokopič

Thanks: Dwayne Holliday, Slava Gepner, Lucia Kašiarová, Jan Žůrek, Lukáš Homola, Marek Zelinka, Florent Golfier

The project was created in cooperation with Tanzfaktur Cologne and Studio ALTA, it was supported by the Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic, the Prague 7 district, the Life of an Artist Foundation, Czech Centre in Düsseldorf, Theatre na cucky and above all by Nová síť, z.s.