05.06.2020 / 19:30


This all belongs to you vol. II is a sequel of a performative project of the same name, that was created in 2015 in a diverse group. What has changed meanwhile? Has anything changed at all? And if something really did change, what is it like? Is it a story – a fairytale? A book? Or maybe obesity?

Yesterday, a head appeared in the window – and it rolls its eyes.

Once upon a time, there was a princess. When she was born, just after she climbed from her mom, she got hungry.

Who will be responsible?

All these risks – Martin sings.

Is it possible that some people don’t age? Can a body go beyond language and create an independent reality?

We don’t care about the answers,, but about their diversity…


Photo: Pavel Doušek

Concept: Jan Bárta, Aleš Čermák
Performed by: Jaroslava Krpálková, Josef Fojt, Martin Vošmík, Tereza Hausserová, Veronika Maschková
Lighting design: Tomáš Morávek
Music: Matouš Hejl
Produced by: CreWcollective