A visual and musical poem. A luminescent essay. A present virtuality. More or less analogue.

Two performers in a perfect symbiosis with DJ and lighting designer create abstract compositions from objects, lights, projections, shapes, sounds and atmospheres, which draw the spectators into the magical time and space of analogue imagination.

CERN by the TABULA RASA company is a system of interconnected objects – old and discarded spotlights, projectors, rotary mechanisms, lens – that communicate and react with each other. It is a system of different environments, which TABULA RASA explores, and it is based on different elements that change according to the physical circumstances, such as coldness, heat, dryness or humidity.

Objects used in the performance are “archaeological” excavations from the Theatre na Vinohradech cellars and from a cancelled high school physics room.


Mikoláš Zika, Jan Brejcha, Jeník Tyl, Braňo Mazúch, Tereza Bartůňková, Petr Slunéčko.

Information for visitors:

Please follow hygienic rules.