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ALTA and its ambassador Peter Šavel open a regular online space for get-together, getting in tune with yourselves and the others. This program of discussions and individual exercises via Zoom is open to everybody regardless of one’s creative experience, both artistic and general public. Free entry. 

Is today’s reality challenging for you? Do you miss a space for intimate sharing of your insides and for social connection? Do you feel lonely and isolated? Do you easily get pulled into a spiral of heavy emotions and thoughts? If these thoughts are resonating with you, “Soul talks” might be the space to join.

“Soul talks” is like a spa for the soul. 

Soul talks are regular meetings in a safe environment. We will be engaging imagery and embodiment practices, which will enable the transformation into mental and emotional well being.

We give ourselves a caring, protected and shared group space to strengthen the connection with our subconscious intuitive selves. With the imagery based work and focus on our body, we will be addressing patterns that might be ineffective or harmful to us. Sharing with each other to affirm a connection with our inner truth and break through isolation – connecting with others as well. Transforming emotions that might weigh us down into feelings of lightness.

Join Peter Šavel once a week on Zoom, every Thursday at 7PM – 8:30 PM. The first meeting is on March 11th and there are planned 10 meetings, until May 13th. 

Feel free to join any meeting or meetings, or the whole cycle. 

To register, please contact Lucie: You will receive a ZOOM link after registration.