26.05.2022 /


Programme of the opening day of the Conference // CULTIVATION

Prague Municipal Library – Great Hall, Mariánské Square 1, Prague 1

11:00 – 12:00

Opening remarks – What is the Trans Europe Halles network and how can you join?
Tiffany Fukuma, Director, Trans Europe Halles

Studio ALTA story
Lída Vacková, Director, Studio ALTA

Presentations of new TEH member organisations’ representatives


12:00 – 14:00

Networking brunch


14:00 – 16:00

Welcome speeches

Tiffany Fukuma, Managing Director, Trans Europe Halles

Lída Vacková, Director, Studio ALTA

 Keynote: Milota Sidorová
Milota Sidorová, feminist, urbanist, author in service of more inclusive cities

At a time when local governments have a minimum of public property, the decision-making on each building or site is a fundamental issue. Milota Sidorová, editor of the well-known publication Nepredať! Zveľadiť! (Don’t Sell! Remake!) will guide you through the complexity of the topic of regeneration of unused public property for the benefit of local communities in Slovakia.
Keynote: Julie Trébault
Artists under Attack

Defending and Preserving Artistic Freedom in a Time of War and Crisis

Around the world writers, artists, and cultural rights defenders are increasingly under threat. Those from marginalized communities face additional obstacles in exercising their right to artistic expression. We are constantly receiving reports of threats to cultural heritage and attacks on cultural actors, particularly in Afghanistan, Cuba, Myanmar, and Uganda, to name a few. With the intensification of the war in Ukraine, it is crucial to create sustainable long-term support networks that meet the needs of vulnerable populations, such as artists and cultural professionals, in times of war and crisis.

Keynote: Alevtina Kakhidze 
Ukrainian artist, performer and curator

Introduction of Key Conference Themes

Symbiotic Programming –  Lucia Kašiarová, Curator

Space is the case is the space is the case –  Boris Melus, Curator

We should care about each otherJana Ryšlavá, Curator

Utopia, really?! Petr Dlouhý, Curator


Keynote:  Julie Trébault

Julie Trébault, Director,  PEN America’s Artists at Risk Connection Project

The conference will be moderated by Saša Michailidis, Czech TV.