20.05.2020 / 16:00 / Kaizlovy Park
21.05.2020 / 16:00 / Kaizlovy Park


Everybody and everything are results of connecting. The mutual interaction of forces leads to creation, change, and also destruction. Those forces that enable things to become what they are, can as well lead to a damage and change of the surface.

Assemblage is a peculiar ecosystem created by choreographer Martina Hajdyla Lacová and set designer Zuzana Sceranková. In the imaginary terrarium, spectators can observe its changes. The environment enables playfulness, but also threatens with fatal injuries. An organism made of incompatible individualities emerges and leaves a geological imprint behind.

Idea and choreography: Martina Hajdyla Lacová
Performed by: Soňa Ferienčíková, Barbora Janáková, Markéta Jandová, Jazmína Piktorová, Ekaterina Plechková, Eva Priečková
Music: Hana Foss Minaříková, Žaneta Vítová
Set and costume design: Zuzana Sceranková
Lighting design – Jiří Hajdyla, Zuzana Sceranková
Dramaturgy: Jiří Hajdyla
Producer: ME-SA / Karolína Hejnová
Produced by: Linda Průšová
Supported by: City of Prague, Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic, IVF, ALT@RT / Studio ALTA, SE.S.TA – Center for Choreographic Development

Photo: Vojtěch V. Sláma