Nobody is as lonely as the angels, the guardians who stand at heaven´s door. They wait patiently, but nobody comes. Silence. Time passes. They are useless. They must entertain themselves.

Lucia Kašiarová and Vanda Hybnerová, dancer and actress. Both women are mothers, ironic, sentimental, romantic, and full of desire. Come and experience the lives of these two cynical women who are not afraid to be pathetic and sentimental. Two bodies burdened with wings that are supposed to lift them up and away, but don´t know where to. We share with you our awkwardness, our primitive poetics.


Your Angel-s: Lucia Kašiarová a Vanda Hybnerová

Godly inspiration: Boris Hybner

Angelic set design: Michal Kábele, Hynek Dřízhal

Heavenly light design: Lukáš Benda