It was supposed to be the perfect party, from which no one should be absent.
An intimate evening for a few friends.
Even so people came who had not been invited.
And people who had been invited did not come at all.
It was meant to be a celebration, but somehow the reason evaporated.
It was supposed to be a celebration …

Concept and Choreography: Andrea Miltnerová
Sound and Light Design: Jan Komárek
Costumes: Andrea Miltnerová
Produced by: AM&C

Created and performed by:
Veronica: Anna Kukuczková
Martin: Daniel Raček
Laura: Tereza Lenerová Hradilková
Kevin: Lukáš Homola
Sophie: Markéta Jandová

Supported by / special thanks to: Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic, Capital City of Prague, Život umělce Foundation, REZI.DANCE Komařice, SE.S.TA – Centre for Choreographic Development and Studio ALTA

Foto: Pablo Kornfeld