26.09.2021 / 18:00
29.09.2021 / 18:30
06.10.2021 / 18:30


Lecture on didactics of Art education in context of kindergarden education will focus this  year on work with art artefact. How interpretation of artefact could look like? What kind of  different approach the reactions could have? Participants will attend theoretical lecture and  workshop of didactics. 


26.9. 18:00 Lectures for kindergardens: 1. part

  1. part of lecture will be art education workshop in which participants will discover  possibilities of approaches in intrpretation. In atelier they will focus on painting and its  interpretation, discuss approaches and react on it by author´s interaction. Be in the position  of pupil and his/her/their preception of art task will be goal of the lecture. Workshop is  lead by Kristína Grežďová. 

29.9. 18:30 Lectures for kindergardens: 2. part 

  1. part will be the theoretical lecture given by Mgr. Kristýna Říhová, member of Department  of Art education of Charles University. She will guid the participants through possibilities of  work with art artefact in education process. She will show examples of her practise of  program for kindergarden pupils. 
  1. 10. 18:30 30 Lectures for kindergardens: 3. part 
  1. part of lecture is didactical workshop on topics of didactical tranformations. How to build  meaningful lesson of Art education for (not only) kindergarden pupils. 

Workshop is lead by Marie Pohořská and Kristína Grežďová. 


Please follow hygienic rules.

● In 2021, all events at ALTA are free! ●

During the pandemic, we did not have the opportunity to meet you in person and open ALTA to the general public. Now that we can do it, we want to be even closer to you. We decided that we would not collect any entrance fees for our programs in 2021, so that really everyone could come. Culture to all!