13.11.2021 / 19:30
14.11.2021 / 19:30


Silence and Other Impossible Objects dives head first into the deep end of an empty pool – the end where silence can be loud, where microsounds can be harsh and noise can be soothing. While searching for one of the most elusive of absences; the absence of sound, the international group of young artists found many things. Among them are a funeral party for noise, bittersweet songs about birds and sonic objects that behave more like the materials familiar to our other senses than that of hearing. But did they eventually find absolute pristine silence? Can it even be imagined, not to mention actually experienced?
Contemporary life seems to keep getting louder by the day. You are dearly welcomed to join our search for even a moment of the opposite.
On stage: Eglė Šimėnaitė, Lara Hereu, Valtteri Alanen
Dramaturgy: Domen Šuman

Scenography & Graphic design: Darja Lukjanenko

Light-Design: Filip Horn

Sound-Design: Valtteri Alanen

Silence and Other Impossible Objects is Valtteri Alanens artistic thesis for his MA in DAMU, produced in co-operation with Studio Alta Prague, and with the kind support of Turun Teatterisäätiö.


Please follow hygienic rules.


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