24.09.2021 / 19:30


Living Room is a solo project by performer Lukáš Karásek.

Every piece of furniture has its own character and acts in its own unique way. Their different shapes and sizes give them specific qualities. In this performance, the furniture comes alive and as individuals, they can move around the room, meet the others, interact, but they cannot leave the room. They must share the space, into which they were installed. Just like humans share their space, in which they live their lives. The whole world squeezed into one room.

Where is your space?

Foto: Simona Rybová, Adam Holubovský, Mila Vašíčková

Author, performer: Lukáš Karásek
Dramaturgy: Viktor Černický
Scenography: Lukáš Urbanec
Light design: Zuzana Režná
Costumes: Hynek Petrželka
Production: tYhle, Studio ALTA
Partners: Terén, Cooltour, Cirqueon, Kredance, Tanec Praha / PONEC-divadlo pro tanec

Projekt Obývací pokoj vzniká za finanční podpory Ministerstva kultury České republiky, statutárního města Brna, Hlavního města Prahy a Státního fondu kultury.

Inscenace je součástí projektu „Spolupráce kulturních domů: Studio ALTA, Black Box Theatre, Baerum Kulturhus“ podpořeného z finančních mechanismů EHP.


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