10.12.2021 / 17:00
11.12.2021 / 14:00


“Giraffes don’t dance”

The new fairytale experience is offered by Dance Studio Light to the youngest spectators in the Invalidovna of Studio ALTA by December 10, 2021 from 17:00 o’clock and  December 11, 2021 from 14:00 o’clock (if sold out, we will add another performance from 16:00 o’clock).The fairy tale, set in the world of jungle (as a metaphor of human society), breaks down traditional prejudices that a little fat man or a skinny longhorn cannot move well – let alone dance beautifully from the essence of their otherness. The performance seeks an answer to whether physical beauty is really a necessary condition for perfect dance performance or personal success.


With music by Ondřej Galuška, in the light of Filip Horn, under the direction of Lenka Tretiagová – scenography with illustrations by Ondřej Lipovský will be enlivened by Jana Kozubková, Jan Quarterník, Sebastián Vích and Eliška Kašparová with children of Dance Studio Light.


Please follow hygienic rules. At entry, each visitor must present a negative test, confirmation of vaccination or confirmation of covid recovery according to current measures.

● In 2021, all events at ALTA are free! ●


During the pandemic, we did not have the opportunity to meet you in person and open ALTA to the general public. Now that we can do it, we want to be even closer to you. We decided that we would not collect any entrance fees for our programs in 2021, so that really everyone could come. Culture to all!