10.06.2020 / 18:00


The aim of the group is to point out societal topics that aggravate its members, and at the same time to integrate people from the social field into our work – drug addicts, homeless people, former prisoners, crime victims, etc. People who are often excluded from society and are denied the opportunity to create or express themselves even though on the inside, they are the same as all of us. The only difference is that life has knocked them down and they themselves are unable to stand back on their own two feet. The Tlustá čára provides such people with the background, community and motivation to change their lives and stand back up.

Why did we choose the topic of NON-FREEDOM? In recent weeks, most of us have been able to experience first-hand what it is like to be unfree and locked up in isolation. The aspect of freedom, inner self-expression, and reaction to this situation is closer to us today than ever before. We have decided to reflect this emotion in our work and celebrate it with you.

Non-freedom is closely linked to many social issues, such as the issue of the secondary victim of crime, which is also the main theme of our educational campaign, launching in September. There are 40,000 children living in the Czech Republic, who are denied the opportunity to regularly meet their parents, as they have been deprived of their liberty. These children experience psychological trauma and social decline. The absence of a parental figure in a child’s development can have a major impact on their life. The absence of parents marks the child and, too, leaves permanent mark on their future relationships and is reflected in their daily situations for the rest of his life.

Let’s take a look at the role of the secondary victim and prove that ignoring does not solve the issue, on the contrary. It is necessary to talk about similar topics and educate ourselves and society.

In addition to seeing our creations and getting to know us, you can look forward to a short theatrical performance and screening of an educational video during the evening.

We are looking forward to meeting you. Long live the Tlustá čára!

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