29.3. 2019 / 19:30

The Cabinet of Curiosities is a collection of strange objects and acts that speak directly to your unconscious self. In the intimate and cabaret-like space, bizarre creatures appear. Just like circus fools from the Afterlife, they go beyond physics, biology or astronomy…

Is it magic, or illusion?

Don´t be afraid of us. Our irrational microcosmos will cure your earthly concerns, fulfill the most daredevil desires and it will turn you into blissful objects of our surreal set.


Members of The Cabinet of Curiosities: Lucia Kašiarová, Štěpán Hejzlar, Marie Gourdain and special guests on March 29th are T.I.T.S. & friends: Nela H. Kornetová, Lærke Grøntved, Tobias Shaw Petersen, Josephine Kylén-Collins, Björn Hansson, Kristin Jonsson, Heidi Dalene, Jan Husták, Helena Araújo, Jaro Viňarský, and our very special queens Just Karen, Tonic Iconic, La Cuntessa Adora Bulgina.

On March 29th, Studio ALTA with T.I.T.S.&friends will create special one time event which will celebrate otherness, trash from creative processes and unrealized little ideas in form of VIP cabaret. It will be a celebration of the importance of diversity of  – genders, nations, religions, cultures – and claiming any curiosity as “normal”. Get ready for a cabaret of unrealized wishes, weird ideas that never fit, the shiny dust of darlings that we kill, trash of the past and future shows. Let the weirdos out, so we can host them as kings. Make them feel like home. Whole happening will culminate in festive dress up dance party when you will no longer differentiate who is the audience and who are the performers.

Every show is unique and consists of several acts. The spectators of each act are selected by the universe.

Entry fee: 100 czk (no pre-sale)

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