22.2. 2020 / 20:00


They live their own lives. And then suddenly their paths meet. It must be destiny. From now on, everything changes. Nothing will ever be the same.

Maybe they should finally start talking to each other. There must be a reason why they met. They set out on a journey and they have to say a lot to each other. Maybe they will start to understand each other. They will understand everything. If only the things were as before… but they will never be.

“Tumour – carcinogenic romance” is, above all, a play focused on the senses as it interconnects movement, visual and words. Its topic is cancer and its manifestation on the somatic, psychological, social, and religious levels. T.I.T.S. focuses on the connection between tumors and our society, based on the saying that every time has its own illness.  How do we live in society? Which phenomena are suspicious and closely behaving like a cancer? Is it possible to love something that can kill us?

You may expect tumor as a humour, tumor as a motor, tumor as a hangover. Just come and experience this epic journey trying to find love and peace where it is least expected.



Text: Dagmar Radová & T.I.T.S.
Concept & direction: Nela H. Kornetová
Dramaturgy: Dagmar Radová a Lucie Ferenzová
Stage design & video: Jan Hajdelak Husták
Music & sound: Ondřej Sifon Anděra
Preforming collaboration: Matthew Rogers
Special thanks: Lærke Grøntved
Acting: Nela H. Kornetová & Jaro Viňarský / Gregers Andreas Kroksleiven-Hansen
Supported byA Studio Rubín, Studio Alta, Iniciativa pro Invalidovnu, Next Wave, L1 association, Visegrad Fund, Nadace Život umělce
Premiere: 17.9.2019

90 minutes, in Czech and English

Photo by Patrik Borecký