We will celebrate the anniversary with program made by you and for you – because at ALTA, we love events that bring loads of questions at the beginning and infinity of experiences at the end.


12.9. 16:00 / ALTA by Altík + Sára Märcová

Where did the kid´s playroom come from? How many lollipops do we sell weekly and how many kids throw up? Why are the lessons at Altík the best and why is the courtyard in front of Altík the blossomiest?

13.9. 19:30 / ALTA by ME-SA
Did you know that ME-SA also celebrates 10-year anniversary? Is it an accident? We don´t think so! And what does ME-SA mean? What was their greatest experience and their most embarrassing pratfall? And how are the girls?

14.9. 14:00 – 00:00 / ALTA by technicians

How much beer and how many technicians are needed to rebuild lights? Did you know that lighting designers have hands of workmen and souls of poets? Will they let you walk in high heels on the marley floor? And how many dirty pictures do they have on their storeroom walls?

15.9. 18:00 / ALTA 10×10
How many artists fit into ALTA? What can they do in ten minutes and what did they manage in the last ten years? Can you live off arts? How old is an old dancer? And how infinite is their love of motion?

We will celebrate the ten years with 10-minute shows by our local or befriended artists: Lucia Kašiarová & Tereza Ondrová, Ufftenživot, Marie Gourdain & tYhle, Jana Novorytová, Mish Raisová, Bára Látalová, Vojta Švejda & Tomáš Procházka, Peter Šavel, Lenka Tretiagová & TS Light, Holektiv, Markéta Jandová & Andrea Miltnerová. Hosted by Michal and Marta Vodenka.

15.9. 20:00 / ALTA10 party
What will the Fate endow us with for the next ten years? Will there be any publication for the occasion? Who is DJ Bamboo and what music will he play? And how will we celebrate? Rather don´t ask and just come, it will be great 😊

Free entry.