17.12.2022 / 17:00 - 21:00


We’re saying goodbye to a place that guided us for more than two years through adventures, encounters and shared moments, joy from creating, challenges and escapades which were nevertheless always followed by sunrise and applause. The way we lived our two years in Karlín, the emotions and experiences that Invalidovna has given us, will define the way of our saying goodbye. 

Together with those who were here with us we will say goodbye to every corner and place. We will dance the night away and let the music sound throughout the corridors and rooms, we will be whispering and shouting, remembering and looking forward to the future. Our parade will makes its way through Invalidovna’s entire west wing, ending it with the last party at the garden. 

Experience it with us – after all it’s the last time. 



You can support the event with a voluntary contribution. Thank you!