06.08.2020 / 18:00


Francisco Gonzalez @francis.francois – Montreal & Sergio Patricio @sergiopatricio_ – Vienna.

POLO is a subjective device of re-mediation of the meta-relationship between half-real and half-fictional characters RBC & NGL. The residency will focus on the collection and (over) exposition of experiences, gestures, poses, bodies, documentations and sounds found by the artists. These different elements are generated through their interactions with space (the city), bodies (other artists, friends, lovers), as well as the particularities, tensions and attractions of their own relationship.

A queer lens is used as a filter of observation to detect the ethics/values of the social-cultural context where POLO is activated. The dynamics and the flux of data are addressed by the artists by means of a corporeal practice, which also involves digital body supplements. RBC and NGL investigate and operate within online and offline environments.