14.12. 2019 / 19:00


The need to make choices is confronted with fortuity, which creates parallel universes of possible being. This is a duet and two solos at the same time. The text remains concrete, while dance is the necessary abstract element that we need to reveal the meanings of the text.


Dissolution – gradual and somehow non-violent, might be unpleasant at the beginning – but then comes the relief. I sense. I know. I feel. I just don’t know which is stronger – the sensing or the knowing.

Text by P. Macsovszky: Tantalópolis

Concept and directed by P. Fornayová
Creation and interpretation by P. Fornayová, V. Zboroň
Visuals and technical direction J. Pišek
Music and interpretation F. Király

Used texts:
Peter Macsovszky_Tantalópolis,
Peter Šulej_Archetypálne leto / Na brehu mora Niekde v meste_ Koniec modrého obdobia / vstup (problémy s knižnicou)

The creation of the play was supported by the public funding through Slovak Art Council.

Photo: Júlia Blažejová