Ostružina z.s. | Látalová, Brungot Svíteková


Letting otherness have mutual effect. 

audio version

for adults and children 12 years of age and older

How to be together despite our differences? Dissimilarity is neither duality nor separateness or identification. It is about plurality of opinions. About sharing a space. 

It is about listening, making decisions, and taking actions, for together they compose a whole. 

DIFFERENT? is a shared space with fluid and flexible boundaries. What matters is how we define them and set them for ourselves. 

DIFFERENT? – a dance you can perform

The audio version DIFFERENT? is a radio documentary created for the Czech Radio in 2016. The recording includes original records of the participatory dance performance, DIFFERENT?, and rehearsals from artist residencies. 

Running time of the radio recording: 20 min

Authors of recording and performance: Barbora Látalová, Zden Brungot Svíteková

Dramaturgy and direction: Eva Nachmilnerová

Sound mastering: Radim Dlesk

Production: Czech Radio Vltava

Presented at: Plody Ostružiny – a week of dance performances for children and adults, 21 – 26 June 2021, Prague

Supported by: Prague City Hall, Czech Ministry of Culture 


Please follow hygienic rules.

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