30.08.2022 / 18:30


Hmm. It has a membrane. It has come, it’s there. It knows everything about us. It doesn’t need to reveal everything. We don’t belong to it. Neither does it belong to anybody. It consists of memories, emotions, formed by architecture. Barbora has invited Lucie to search for it together. Maybe it is there but perhaps it is someplace else. Maybe it is a Genius, maybe a wandered, maybe it is that which belongs to that place or city.

Suddenly the body movements begin to transform right in front of your eyes into some virtual neuron-like net of a memory, a parable of senses, imagination, and a function of storing a mind into a matter. Into something usually invisible, something fundamentally and deeply hidden.

(Inspired by Matej Kren’s text, Pravda Kultura/Last-minute Tuesday, 27 July 2004)

Concept and choreography: Barbora Janáková
Performer and co-author: Lucia Kašiarová
Sound composition: Juraj Čech
Costumes: Michaela Mokrá
Production and PR: mimoOs

The performance was produced for the Bratislava in Movement Festival 2021 with financial support of the Fund for Support of Art, Foundation of the Bratislava City and Bratislava Administrative Region.

Photo: Juraj Žilinčár



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