27.10. 2018 / 20:00

The dancer’s movement is the thread joining and connecting the past and the future with the present moment, in which everything changes while the body constantly traverses the space and time within and without the line of forces that violently intrude in our intimate space. The intertwinement (of styles and periods) in music functions as the body’s extension into space and dictates the change in muscle tensions that produce rhythm – as traces of movement in time. The border between the illuminating and the absorbing light is situated on the thin line between presence and fading, between the disappearing and the flowing [of life] outside and inside a closed space of [creation]. Solo 2016 is a reflection of a moment, uncatchable and at the same time timeless, which comes and is already gone; one has no strength to grab it. After the solo performances Within (2006) and Off-Beat (2011), Solo 2016 by the Slovakian dancer, choreographer and dance pedagogue Milan Tomášik rounds off his trilogy of solo performances created in the last decade.

Choreography, dance, selection of music: Milan Tomášik
Choreographic assistance: Špela Vodeb
Dramaturgy: Andreja Kopač
Light design: Luka Curk
Technical director: Janko Čief
Costume and set design: Jasna Vastl
Video: Hana Bi
Production: KUD Cortesia
Co-productions: Tersicorea/Suoni e Pause (Sardinia/Italy), Dance Theater Ljubljana (Slovenia), Cankarjev dom Ljubljana (Slovenia), Tabačka Košice (Slovakia), Mediterranean dance centre Svetvinčenat (Croatia), Studio ALTA Prague (Czech Republic)
Project is co-financed by the Municipality of the City of Ljubljana, Embassy of the Slovak Republic in Ljubljana, the Municipality of the City of Celje, Slovak Arts Council



Foto: Drago Videmšek, Borut Kranjc