10.06.2021 / 19:30
11.06.2021 / 19:30


This is not about me! is a solo performance by Michaela Dašková, created in collaboration with Cécile da Costa and Marika Smreková. It is a physical narration of a dziad, a narrator, a clown, a trickster – who borrows contemporary expressions of various powerful political figures and comments on the world with his voice, gesture, and body.

The production balances on a thin line between parody and criticism, subtly emphasizing and revealing what should not be visible. It is based on concrete and commonly known political cases, which, however, have a universal message and generally reflect the values ​​and actions that are enforced in various social environments and systems.

The narrator’s body transforms under the influence of various political narratives, juggling words, screaming, stuttering, roaring and the voice is flowing through space, running away, crawling or tensing…



Free admission, for the show on June 10, book a place here, and on June 11 here. Reservations are valid until 15 minutes before the start of the show. We recommend arriving 30 minutes before the start of the show to check the documents.

Please observe the current hygiene measures.

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Concept, performer: Micha Ela Dašková
Voice and physical direction: Cécile da Costa
Dramaturgy and co-director: Marika Smreková
Light design: Filip Horn
Co-produced by: Studio ALTA

In the years 2008-2016, Michaela Dašková devoted herself to fine arts and her own exhibition activities. She studied fine arts at UJEP in Ústí nad Labem, FaVU in Brno and dance improvisation and physical theater in Freiburg, Germany. She worked as an actress and producer in the theater company Teď nádech a leť, she collaborated with Verity Standen in the site-specific voice project HUG. She attended a three-month art residency in Kolomna, Russia. She leads movement, voice and art workshops in the Czech Republic and abroad.