14.4. 2018 / 20:00

The figure of the monster is being increasingly eradicated from our civilized world. And yet, modern man conceals terrible things beneath his smooth appearance. Luciola goes in search of the monster in man, pushing the most uncertain zones of the body to their extremes and releasing the animal where we least expect it. The chimera emerging from the depths of the imagination is nourished more by shadows than light; this choreography stalks it in a raw and radical manner in an attempt to expose the joy buried within tormented bodies, the laughter in the horrific.

Idea: Marika Smreková

Directing and choreography: Marika Smreková, Jaro Viňarský

Dancers: Viktor Černický, Tomáš Janypka, Martin Šalanda, Vojtěch Hříbek, Marie Svobodová, Tereza Sikorová, Ekaterina Plechková, Jazmína Piktorová

Video designer: Lukáš Dřevjaný

Set designer: Jana Tk, Stanislav Cibulka

Original music: Petra Machková, Honza Neugebauer, Kateřina Chromečková

Pictures: Petr Chodura