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Marie Gourdain

is a choreographer, scenographer and a visual artist, of French background, who has lived in Prague since 2010. She studied animation cinema at ENSAD in Paris and at VŠUP, Prague. For her sculptural work she was awarded the Frédéric de Carfort prize (2011) and the ENSAD prize (2009).

As a stage designer she works for many contemporary dance companies, for the choreographers Karine Ponties (2017), Rita Gobi (2018), Andrea Miltnerová, Barbora Látalová, Zdenka Svíteková (2016) and Lucia Kašiarová (2014), and on site-specific projects for the Festival KoresponDance for Dominique Boivin and Jean Gaudin (2014–2018).

Since 2015 she has been a member of the tYhle collective dedicated to physical theatre and dance. In 2016 she choreographed her first piece, UN/One, in which she performs with Florent Golfier. In spring 2017, she choreographed her second piece, LEGOrytmus, commissioned by Studio ALTA. And in 2018 her third work, Medúza (Czech Dance Platform 2019). In 2020 Marie receives the first International Caroline-Neuber-Scholarship of the city of Leipzig.  ​


Has been researching and working as independent dance and theatre maker in collaboration with various international companies and organisations over the past 5 years. Amongst others with Accademia Teatro Dimitri (CH), the cultural centre Plum Yard (CZ), in collaboration with the independent dance and theatre group Divadlo Continuo (CZ), the cultural centre for performing arts Studio ALTA in Prague (CZ), the physical theatre collective tYhle (CZ), the centre for circus and dance Katapult Berlin (DE), the Academy of Fools in Paris (FR), and the Diyar Dance Theatre in Bethlehem (PSE).

During this time he was developing his research and art practise, focused on the formation of a specific movement and theatre language, merging different disciplines such as physical, dance and visual theatre with stage design composition and the art of the comic. Already during his master studies in Physical Theatre, at the Accademia Teatro Dimitri (CH), Baumann’s research focus was consistently dedicated to an interdisciplinary and experimental approach, aiming to develop an original tragicomic movement language, using the tool of the body in action to express the absurdities of daily life.

After completing his studies and meanwhile working as professional freelance artist in several international creations (2016-2020), Baumann is founding his own association – the freelance company “Von B bis Z” (Baumann & Zöller GbR) based in Baden-Württemberg (DE). The company is planned as platform for his past and future projects in the context of dance, theatre and circus, such as the performances: “The WARdrobe” (2019) and “How things go” (2020), as well as the workshop concept “7 Weights” (2019) and the “Laboratory of Fools” (2020).

For this undertaking Baumann is supported by the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and Media in the program NEUSTART KULTUR, aid program DIS-TANZEN of the Dachverband Tanz Deutschland (2020/21).


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