01.12.2021 / 19:30
02.12.2021 / 19:30


Shirts, blouses, halenka, košilela, košiliceKošilímec, Košulena, Ošklilela, Halenula, Blůzole > a part of clothing, part of social ethics, clothing of many faces.
In our create world have a meeting of three different characters. Looking for an inner transformations through a fashionable piece of a shirt that can hide a feeling of power, strength, superiority. It is also a fashionable piece that makes us better on the outside. Do we have the opportunity to hide under the application of these textile layers and perform better in our eyes? Or is it just a blind lie that accompanies us all the time? Will the environment treat us differently in relation to our appearance and clothing? Will there be a difference in our behavior if we wear jeans and a T-shirt or if we choose to wear a shirt and pants? And isn’t this way of thinking absurd? We are trying to have a many forms and versions of our “better” selves but in essence we all look the same when we are undress. But the influence of society pushes us to certain ideals.


Choreography, concept: Štěpána Nlasa Mfuta

Interpretation: Lukáš Karásek, Klára Ešnerová, Václav Kalivoda

Music: Václav Kalivoda

Dramaturgy: Šimon Klus

Scenograpgy: Anežka Kalivodová

Light design: Tomáš Morávek

Production: MANUS Art Collective z.s.

Supported by: MKČR, Státní fond kultury, Studio ALTA, Se.s.ta., Nová síť, Koš


Please follow hygienic rules. At entry, each visitor must present a negative test, confirmation of vaccination or confirmation of covid recovery according to current measures.

● In 2021, all events at ALTA are free! ●


During the pandemic, we did not have the opportunity to meet you in person and open ALTA to the general public. Now that we can do it, we want to be even closer to you. We decided that we would not collect any entrance fees for our programs in 2021, so that really everyone could come. Culture to all!