21.5. 2018 / 19:30


I have a feeling that I don´t exist. Can you see me? Prove me. The awareness of my mortality makes me play with it. I hunger for myself. This performance is a physical and theatrical testimony based on the souls of twins, who are looking for their own identities. They are looking for the one, who is not the other one. People confuse me with somebody else so often, that I don´t even know if I exists. I am on the edge of life and death. What happens with us during our last hour? During our “happy hour”? A suicide becomes the starting point for the self-affirmation.

The performance was supported by HAMU, Nadace Život umělce and Antikvariát nádraží Smíchov.

performed by: Barbora Ješutová, Ludmila Ješutová
supervision: Robo Nižník
music: Eva Přívozníková, Šimon Janák, Zdeněk Soukup, Jakub Semera
lights: Jonáš Garaj
poster: Kateřina Kofroňová