27.10. 2018 / 18:00

The concept is inspired by privacy loss. A man and a woman go through a complicated relationship, in which they follow each other, chase after each other, manipulate each other and gently touch, refuse contact, and get closer little by little. Their touches, sights and gestures are being interpreted through a load of patterns, in which they must live.

Concept and directed by: Lucia Holinová
Choreography: Daniel Raček, Lucia Holinová
Performed by: Magda Čaprdová, Daniel Raček, Vlado Holina, Sandra Tordová
Music: Vlado Holina, Laco Graus, Ennio Morricone
Singing: Sandra Tordová
Set design: Vlado Holina
Costumes: Veronika Keresztesová
Light design: Slavomír Šmalík
Lights: Ints Plavnieks
Photo: Lea Lovišková
Produced by: RESERVA, o.z.
Duration: 50 min.
Premiere: 19.11.2016 at A4 – centrum súčasnej kultúry in Bratislava
The performance was supported by Fond na podporu umenia, RESERVA.