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A dance story about a mysterious girl betrayed by certainties in life. 

She is the connection between this world and a labyrinth of my memories. Should I believe what my memory tells me? Or is my head full of illusions and great emptiness that I have populated by dreaming? Everyone has their secrets—stories that nobody believes. But these stories invent us. 

Script and direction: Lenka Tretiagová
Collaboration on dramaturgy and direction: Petr Smyczek
Costumes and visuals: Lenka Nahodilová Music: Ondřej Galuška
Choreography: Eva Stará
Lighting: Sebastián Vích
Dance and performance: Ondřej Lipovský and Eva Stará, Barbora Součková and Rozálie Žižková, Emma Vorlová and Diana Lerchová, Kateřina Součková and Karla Bábková


Please follow hygienic rules.


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