29.11. 2018 / 19:30

tells a story not only of Skeleton woman who was pulled out of the depths of the see by a fisherman and was dragged behind him on his fear like on a fishing line… it also tells that great love is like death and that eventually even I – Skeleton woman – will be enlightened and found on a couch with a cat on my lap… it narrates with dance, singing, poetry and drum.

The performance is loosely based on an archetypal tale of Skeleton woman and the fisherman, their fear and their love. The inspiration came from one of the stories in the book Women who Run with the Wolves by Clarissa Pinkola Estés. The author and interpret works with the means of physical theatre and distinct stage lighting. As an experienced dancer and a long-time artistic director of the Loco: Motion Company, Kateřina Eva Lanči uses her body as a primary expression tool. Her dance is a fusion of various dance styles from contemporary to dancehall.

Music, texts, interpretation: Kateřina Eva Lanči
Artistic cooperation: Jiří Císler
Light design: František Fabián
Production: Hana Kubáčková