19.05.2021 / 18:00


Exhibition Biomimetic taking place from the 20th of May to the 28th of May will offer the last works of artist and sculptor Jana Horálková.

The concept of the exhibition will show abstract objects and drawings inspired by biologic forms and biomimetic – the science field which studies different structural solutions of nature organisms. Sculptures of Jana Horálková explore shapes, skeletons and their geometries found in either living or non-living nature. The artist is, in her work, interested especially in the inner anatomy of the sculpture, into its construction and thus the sculpture becomes rather drawing. The artist aims to show that from one single basic principle stems an endless number of different shapes undergoing different deformations. These deformations range and reflect all possibilities these forms exhibit in their environment. „Sculptures of Jana Horálková belong to the sci-fi field, their fanciful bio-form evokes growing organisms,” says the curator of the exhibition Vilém Kabzan. Enchanting complexities of handmade constructions ensure complete originality to Jana Horálková’s sculptures.

“I am fascinated by the formation and by the growth of nature forms. I like to study their rules. It is something which is not possible to see by the naked eye, but it is the core substance of any growing process and of any evolution in living as well as non-living nature,” says the artist. „Rather than visual aspect of organisms I am interested in systems and rules according to which nature creates, reasons for the origin and geometry which nature forms and structures follow,” she specifies. Along those shapes also colour is very important for her objects – she studies principles of cryptic and aposematic colours, when the colouration of the surface responds to its surrounding.

The exhibition will be open every day 20.-28.5.2021 14:00-19:00. Free entry. Pre-registration is not necessary, visitors will be admitted gradually.

Please follow hygienic rules. At entry, each visitor must present a negative test, confirmation of vaccination or confirmation of covid recovery according to current measures.

Jana Horálková (*1991) graduated from the Sculpture atelier in Antwerp at Royal Academy of Fine Art and from the Institute of Art and Design at West-bohemian University in Pilsen before. She presented number of successful exhibitions and surely belongs to most significant talents of contemporary sculpture generation.

The exhibition is organised with the support of Studio ALTA.
Curator of the exhibition: Vilém Kabzan