11.10. 2019 / 19:00


The exclusive subjects of her work become the momentary figments of the imagination articulated by expressive layers of paint and a variety of colours. Usually, it is a dehumanized parody of both known and unknown faces that are enclosed in rapidly changing formats. One of her initial challenges was to dismantle the institutional self-righteousness, as well as to access the deeper layers of conscience and by achieving that to address the public in a new, specific way. The primitively eloquent painting pushes the spectators into a wild dialogue with themselves.

One of her aims is to give the old meanings a new content. Her work is being influenced by intensive experiences of a genuine critique of the pop culture, which for her represents a peculiar happening that – interconnected with the society – goes on in its own superficial distinctiveness. The constructive elements of her work are humour, satire and parody.

The exhibition in the café Living Room lasts until October 30th.