24.06.2020 / 19:00


Sound pilgrimage through baroque Karlín.

The first edition of the new concert series of the Genot Centre collective GenotPresents#1 will take place on June 24 in the previously inaccessible baroque architecture masterpiece Invalidovna – the new home of the co-organising Studio ALTA platform in the Karlín district.

The event’s program is co-curated by landscape architect & visual artist Lucie Králíková of Efemér & Czechia fame. In her work, Králíková is focusing on transferring folk traditions & rituals into urban areas. She offers participants to slow down and experience the places we usually just walk by in our everyday lives. 

Efemér’s seasonal ritual with Czech drone master Kult Masek will be followed by string of performances of Genot Centre related artists. Enigmatic slovakian musician 3C 273 will crush you with her emotional keyboard heavy walls of sound, pre-apocalyptic noise improv power couple šumařˇˇˇtrauma (of Psí víno & Wrong) will join their forces for the first time ever as duo and silesian hermit Lišaj will leave his cabin in the woods to put his drone-rap spell on you. The capacity of the event is strictly limited to 30 people.

Following the Silent_Night concert series after a break of a few months, Genot Centre plans to present the most interesting and radical from the contemporary electronic scene in their brand new GenotPresents series focusing on unusual concert settings and surprising interdisciplinary collaboration. More info about GenotPresents#1 soon.

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