10.1. 2018 / 19:30


This is the third episode from the new impro series, which are co-produced by Studio ALTA and CreWcollective. During these sessions, artists from different fields will meet face to face on the stage. The space will be taken by dancers, musicians and light designer.

Every episode has its own curator, who puts together a group of performers and can also be one of them. The only important condition is that these artists haven´t been cooperating for at least one year. They will face the situations and confront themselves face to face.

Curator: Jan Bárta

1. part
Sára Arnstein – performing
Kateřina Szymanski – performing
Láďa Karda – performing
Stanislav Abrahám – music and sound design
Štěpán Hejzlar – lights
2. part
Martin Kilvády – performing
Stanislav Abrahám – music and sound design
Igor Teichman – real-time visuals