19.12. 2019 / 19:30


The jubilee episode of improvisation series Face to Face will be bigger and greater! Most of the artists who have taken part in the previous evenings will meet again in this edititon. This Face to Face will be also part of the Christmas party of Studio ALTA.

Adventure of improvisation, spontaneity and surprise, and the uniqueness and unrepeatability of the result. The spectator and performer are similar, neither knows what will happen.

Artists from different disciplines will meet on stage and create several short improvised performances.  This evening will have seral parts. The combination of players is chosen by the audience by drawing lots just before the show begins. Spectators not only decide who performs with who, but become part of the whole concept by bringing ideas for specific tasks for the artists.

This time will perform: Annabelle Plum, Dora Bouzková, Saša Stankov, Jaromír Typlt, Vojta Švejda, Lucia Kašiarová, Jana Novorytová, Lukáš Karásek, Lea Švejdová, Andrea La Rose, Jiří Šmirk, Jan Komárek, David Danel, Renata Raková, Michal Wroblewski, Anna Romanovská Fliegerová, Jan Bárta, Mirka Eliášová and may be many others.

Produced by: CreWcollective and Studio ALTA