14.6. 2017 / 19:30


Every episode has its own curator, who puts together a group of performers and can also be one of them. The only important condition is that these artists haven´t been cooperating for at least one year. They will face the situations and confront themselves face to face.

curator: Jana Novorytová

produced by: Studio ALTA, CreWcollective, Jana Novorytová

part 1

performed by: Florent Golfier

music: Lucie Páchová

speech: Jan Bárta

video: Pavla Nešverová

lighting design: Jan Hejzlar / Štěpán Hejzlar

part 2

performed by: David Zambrano

music: George Cremaschi

video: Michal Kindernay

lighting design: Jan Hejzlar / Štěpán Hejzlar